One weekend pass fits all! All genders welcome - You register as a dancer and dance you shall! Just check the level requirements where applicable.





Classes are all-levels unless otherwise stated. You can move between classes anytime, choose to take all solo, all partner or mix and match. We encourage you to take classes with both teachers to gain different perspectives and new ideas.



Partner VS Solo

The solo classes will be about you as an individual dancer, working on improving your movement, skills and concepts as a solo dancer.

The partner classes will be about you as a dancer within a partnership context, with a focus on concepts and content more closely associated with following, but we encourage everyone - whether you prefer to lead, follow or love both, to attend.

Advanced Classes

We’ve thrown a few classes in there for dancers who are ready to crank up the pace in learning, explore advanced movement concepts and absorb new material at a fast pace. Experience in performing, competing or teaching is expected and a solid understanding of solo dance is required to jump into these classes.

Routine Classes

Learn a routine on the day, perform it that night. Learning routines is super fun and getting to perform is an opportunity we think everyone should have regardless of level or experience (even if you choose not to in the end!). The routine classes will challenge your choreography learning, inspire you to think about performance, and provide an outlet to dance like peeps ARE watching!

Friday Add On

Classes on Friday available for purchase as an add on to the weekend pass. 4 classes with our international teachers.