Ramona Staffeld

Ramona loves to dance. She has been dancing the lindy hop since she was 11. She is one of the links between old timer Frankie Manning and today’s dance community. What Ramona values and prioritizes in class, on the social floor, on stage, and in life, came very much from working with and being around Frankie. Ramona is interested in the present moment, giving her full attention to her partner, the music and herself.

Being in Ramona’s class means setting up for a journey to the world of expression, rhythm and exploration.

Jess Mclachlan

Jess is one of the lucky ones that had dance ingrained in her family from a young age and it has carried her through life ever since. Developing an obsession for the swing era early on gave her many opportunities to travel and to learn from a wide variety of teachers. Over the years she has evolved her own unique style and is well known throughout New Zealand and Australia for her performance pizazz.

Jess teaches a variety of lindy hop and solo jazz classes to children and adults, as well as being a regular performer at private and corporate gigs in her hometown of Christchurch. She is excited to be sharing her love of the dance at Girl Jam 2018!

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Luna Godfrey

Luna Godfrey has been swing dancing since 2007 and she immediately became addicted, taking every class she could find! Luna has danced all over Australia and has a playful and rhythmic style. She loves solo jazz and also greatly wishes she could be a bad-ass tap dancer (one day). Luna is the director of Swing Out Adelaide. She has been teaching dance in different forms since she was about 12, and thinks people who love to learn are pretty much the greatest ever. She’s super keen on students exploring the dance and working out what they like to do best, rather than what she likes to do.

As well as swing dancing, Luna also has a background in burlesque which she has been performing since 2008. She was one of the founding members of the renown Peaches 'n' Gin Burlesque and has shaken her stuff all over Australia and internationally. Her performances range from glamorous, classic bump and grind, to swinging 1930s and 40s style, to slapstick levels of ridiculous! In 2013 she was crowned Miss Burlesque South Australia and Miss Burlesque Australia's "Entertainer of The Year" and was nominated People's Choice SA by the burlesque industry three years running.


Emily Clarke

As long as she could remember Emily Clarke has been crazy about all things Jazz. From the age of 3 Emily began her dancing career in Jazz and Tap but her craving for more Jazz didn't stop there. At 13 she started playing the sax and continues to play to this day. However it still wasn't enough as she always wanted to be able to dance to the music she played and listened to. It wasn't until 2009 when she walked into the Mustang Bar one Friday night to use the bathroom that a whole new world was discovered, and that's when she discovered Swing Dancing.

Since then Emily has been an active member of the Perth swing scene as she continues to spread the love and joy that dancing brings, whether it's teaching or performing. Her favorite style is Solo Jazz and she loves dancing to Count Basie. She also enjoys competing and has done so at Hullabaloo, AJC, BSB, and even took out first place in the Solo Jazz for the WLX..

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Kathryn Kelly

Kathryn Kelly had always wanted to learn how to Lindy Hop, after seeing a dance-scene in the movie The Mask.  Dream became reality in 2003 when Kathryn started classes in Geelong. She now enjoys teaching, performing, learning, competing and especially social dancing more than ever, both locally and internationally. 

Kathryn is an energetic member of Melbourne’s Lindy Hop troupe ‘Echoes of Harlem’, and has won awards at a number of events including the Australian Swing Dance Championships, Australian Jitterbug Championships and the Melbourne Lindy Battle.

Kathryn finds joy in all styles of this dance that we do, and plans to do it forever and ever.

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Georgia Brooks

Living, dancing and singing in Melbourne, Georgia is a talented vocalist and singing teacher with a bad lindy hop habit. She teaches lindy hop, solo jazz and blues dance weekly in Melbourne, and travels internationally and nationally to dance and teach more times per year than she should.

Georgia is known for her relaxed, dry wit and supremely practical approach to teaching. She encourages students to seek out the ridiculous, and to take risks with new ideas.

Georgia has taught swing dance all around Australia and has placed in numerous competitions such as AJC and the ASDC. Along with Kieran Yee, Georgia was the recipient of this years Australian Hellzapoppin Prize.

More than anything though, Georgia loves to social dance and aims to get her students out on the social dance floor as soon as possible.

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Loz Yee

Born and bred in Geelong, Loz has been shaking her groove thing on some kind of dance floor since she was about ten years old. She honed in on the lindy hop type of groove-shaking in 2003 when she discovered swing dancing, and this newfound love took her from Geelong to Melbourne to London and all over the world.

Loz is known for her energy, playfulness and creativity on the social dance floor, and she loves having a laugh and keeping it fun. With a passion for solo dance, Loz has also become an accomplished authentic jazz dancer and teacher and was lucky enough to run her own all-girls troupe in London, called the Dixie Dinahs.

Loz loves sharing the dance, and has taught weekly classes since 2005, including three performance troupes and workshops all over the world. She is a proud and passionate member of the group, Echoes of Harlem, where she loves being inspired and challenged by some of her very best friends. Lindy hop is pretty great like that!

Tina Rizza

Tina Rizza hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She saw Lindy Hop for the first time in 2004 and was captivated by this exciting dance. In 2008 this dance won her over and little by little, other forms of Vintage dances like Charleston, Authentic Jazz and Tap found a way into her life as well.  Tina loves the spontaneous nature of Lindy Hop that fits perfectly with her passionate and fun personality. 

Throughout the years, Tina has taught, performed, competed and judged in Argentina, Brazil and many countries of Europe. Since she cannot sit still, Tina has involved herself in the organizing side of Swing dancing by running, volunteering and working for several events in her home town and in the world. After marrying an Aussie, Tina has chosen Melbourne as her new home. You can find her performing with Echoes of Harlem. When Tina is not dancing, she is working behind the scenes of 1929 Studios!


Alice Roberts

Alice loves jazz music and has a passion for jazz dance styles from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. She is lucky enough to live in Sydney, a city known for it's excellent weather and rich live jazz scene. She currently works with Swing Dance Sydney and has been teaching lindy hop and authentic jazz for nearly a decade.

Alice brings an attention to detail and technique that gives students the skills to explore their creative limits. But she is not as serious as this makes her sound: she thinks jazz dancing should be expressive and fun.


Noni Healy

Noni (Clarke) Healy is one of Melbourne’s most experienced and respected swing dancing teachers. Noni grew up loving jazz music and found swing dancing at the age of 15, she fell in love with it straight away! Noni loves the spontaneous nature of Lindy Hop which fits perfectly with her creative and joyful personality.

Noni started teaching in 2003 and is today still just as passionate to share the spirit of Lindy Hop at home and abroad. Throughout the years, Noni has taught, performed, competed, judged and DJed in all over the world. She's proud of her diverse skills and constantly challenging herself. Noni is known for her down to earth, practical teaching style which brings out every student's potential.


Shaz Callaghan

Swinging between Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Shaz is known for her enthusiasm and playfulness on the dance floor and for being a thoughtful and encouraging teacher. She holds great respect for those who brought jazz music and dance into being and the peeps who continue to share the love.

Shaz has taught, competed, performed and DJ’d all over the place and currently heads a merry band of lindy hoppers called Echoes of Harlem. She’s chuffed to be teaching at Aussie Girl Jam – even more to be doing so with one of her biggest inspirations (and first students) – Loz Yee.

Cat Yee

Following in her older sister Loz's footsteps, Cat began dancing at age 10 in Jazz, Tap and Funk! After finding her feet in Hip Hop Competitions at High School, Cat started teaching Jazz and Hip Hop at age 17 and has since gone on to coach National Champion and National Medalist Hip Hop Teams. In 2013, Cat and a friend opened BC Beatz, Geelong's only all Hip Hop Dance School. Cat works full-time as a teacher at Geelong High where she delivers the VCE VET Dance Geelong Cluster schools program. Cat has choreographed countless secondary school group and solo examination performances, as well as guest teaching for a number of local dance schools for over 10 years!


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Megan Grant

Megan Grant started dancing at a young age, training in classical ballet and other styles throughout her teens, but tap is the dance form she most loves. In the late nineties, after seeing Grant Swift performing on the streets of Melbourne, she joined his classes and was soon performing with his original tap troupe ‘The Swift Rhythm Hoofers’ (now Rhythm Tap Melbourne.) These years gave her a new found appreciation for tap as a musical art form with a rich history.


Although as a mum of two, with breaks between dancing sometimes longer than she’d like, recent years have seen her perform with the jazz/swing/tap ensemble The Melbourne Rhythm Project, Rhythm Tap Melbourne, and co producing an international tap and swing weekend in Melbourne.


Although endlessly inspired by the skill and strength in the tap scene today, Megan’s favorite type of tap dance is simple and swinging.  She believes that the same sensibilities that consume her mind in her day job as a visual artist can apply to tap....contrast, light and shade, surprise, delight, and knowing when to say and do less.


Lexi Keeton

Lexi is the humble little founder of 1929 Studios and is now also a certified Yoga Teacher!

As a seasoned dancer and event organiser, Lexi understands the body's needs at a weekend dance event and looks forward to sharing her other love (yoga) with her community of jazz dancers.

Expect to stretch some sore muscles and practice of mindfulness in her sessions at Aussie Girl Jam!