This is a solo dancing contest with a little bit of team spirit! Both heats and finals will take place on Saturday 4th March and the entire contest will be judged by a super duper panel featuring our international guests and local representatives.

Heats and Finals will be danced to DJ’d music played by our wonderful contest DJ, Trevor Hutchison. A competitor’s meeting will be held on Saturday evening and there will be a cracker contest team looking after y’all.

You will be judged on your solo jazz dance and charleston repertoire which may also include other solo styles such as soft shoe, tap and black bottom.

There are 20 places available in the heats with a final of 8 dancers.



  • There will be two heats of up to 10 dancers per heat. Individuals will dance in an all skate format.
  • Music may be in standard (4 x 8 counts) or blues phrasing (6 x 8 counts)
  • The song, style and tempo may change during the heat to showcase your versatility.
  • bpm range: approx. 160-220 bpm
Aussie Girl Jam Slam

Note: If you don't have a Girl Jam pass, you will need to buy your party ticket at the door.

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  • Eight dancers will be selected by the judging panel to participate in the semi-finals. Dancers will be randomly paired up to create four teams who will dance off across two semi-final battles.
  • In each semi-final battle there will be one short all-skate to warm up and shake off the nerves. Competitors will then dance one individual spotlight each (8 X 8 counts per dancer) and one team spotlight (16 X 8 counts per team), followed by an all in all-skate to finish the song.
  • Music will be in standard phrasing (4 x 8 counts per phrase)
  • bpm range: approx. 200 - 240 bpm.
  • The winning team from each semi-final battle will be determined instantly by the judges in a “point to the winner” majority rules system. These two teams will then battle it out in the Girl Jam Grand Slam.

The Grand Slam

  • Teams will battle it out in jam format, trading two phrase shines (8 X 8 counts) until the call comes to “all skate” ( we reckon you’ll get about 3-4 shines each).
  • Teams can choose to dance together the whole time or take turns with some individual spotlights.
  • bpm range: approx. 220-260 bpm
  • Music will be in standard phrasing (4 x 8 counts per phrase).
  • The Grand Slam Champion team will be determined instantly by the judges in a “point to the winner” majority rules system.


Each Grand Slam winner will win:

  • 1 X $200 Voucher for Dangerfield/Princess Highway
  • 1 X Full Pass to 1929’s Shiny Stockings Weekend - May 2017, Melbourne

Each Grand Slam runner up will win:

Audience Choice Award

Awarded to a finalist as chosen by the people for bringin’ the magic to the Girl Jam Slam.

Judging Criteria

Judges will consider the following elements in no particular order:

  • Dancers display solo jazz and charleston repertoire. Tap, soft shoe...ok etc
  • Dancing to the music
  • Timing: rhythm and phrasing
  • Teamwork: working well together as a partnership and interaction with other teams
  • Performance: showmanship and entertainment
  • Dance technique
  • Spirit, spontaneity and creativity.

General Rules

  • Contest format – At any time prior to the contest, 1929 Studios reserves the right to determine the order and/or format of the contest and whether or not a division will consist of a Heat, Semi-Final and a Grand Final. This decision will be communicated as soon as possible on the website via facebook, email or through announcements at the event.
  • BPM: Bpm ranges are only a guide and may vary on the night.
  • Eligibility to compete – Dancers enter individually. They will be paired up in finals.
  • Cancellation of contest entry fee – Please refer to the AUSSIE GJ CANCELLATION POLICY