Girl Jam celebrates women's artistic achievements in traditional jazz music and dance with the intention of inspiring today's jazz-lovers in a supportive, collective learning environment.

Our vision is a community where women are empowered, equal, safe and whose voices are recognised and celebrated. To bring that vision into reality, we host a workshop weekend that provides a safe space for women to connect and share the dance, to learn about historical women of jazz, and to participate in performance and competition opportunities.
We always want the community to be able to say that we contribute positively to the culture and community spirit of our scene, that we are respectful and inclusive of everyone regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and that we know how to have fun!


"Girl Jam is a celebration of women. Girl Jams emphasize individuality and encourage the knowledge of Jazz dancing throughout its role in history, in hopes that women can bring these concepts to their partnered and non-partnered dancing.  As an organization, Girl Jams bring awareness to women’s rights and supports artistic achievements within the community to both enliven and continue this art form.

- Giselle Anguizola, creator of Girl Jam events 
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In 2018, Aussie Girl Jam celebrates and honors the women in jazz that are closest to us. There are countless women in Australia and New Zealand who have worked, and continue to work, tirelessly to ensure the vibrancy, health and spirit of our scenes. Aussie Girl Jam's teaching team will include legends from across Australia and NZ and we are so excited to showcase these women who are inspiring dancers and teachers, scene leaders and meaningful contributors to our dance culture.


We are inclusive of ALL genders - You register as a dancer and dance you shall!


Classes are all-levels unless otherwise stated. You can move between classes anytime,

Routine Classes

Learn a routine on the day, perform it that night. Learning routines is super fun and getting to perform is an opportunity we think everyone should have regardless of level or experience (even if you choose not to in the end!). The routine classes will challenge your choreography learning, inspire you to think about performance, and provide an outlet to dance like peeps ARE watching!

Variety Classes

This year we will offer a number of variety classes in other styles aside from jazz and charleston.

Advanced Classes

We’ve thrown a few classes in there for dancers who are ready to crank up the pace in learning, explore advanced movement concepts and absorb new material at a fast pace. Experience in performing, competing or teaching is expected and a solid understanding of solo dance is required to jump into these classes.

Beginner Classes

These classes allow those newer to swing and jazz dancing to explore the world of solo dancing in a supportive environment. Explore movement, learn steps and gain confidence with this pass!

This year we are excited to announce that our beginners will also be able to join the Variety classes and meet the other dancers in the weekend.


All parties included with your full weekend pass. Party Passes available. More information on what's happening each night will be added soon.

Just get ready to party Friday through Sunday with what we can now say our classics: Re-creation Showcase & the Girl Jam Slam! Contest. In addition to new events in 2018.




Georgia Brooks on vocals

Georgia Brooks on vocals

Put together JUST for Girl Jam, the Georgia Brooks’ Girl Jam Band is set to swing on Saturday night. Headed up by lindy hopping homegirl and vocalist extraordinaire, Georgia Brooks, this all-woman band is comprised of some of Melbourne’s best jazz musicians, playing sets that celebrate the great women of jazz.